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The art world has seen an explosion in value in recent decades, and, with the enormous increase in interest and investment in works of fine art has also come an increased amount of title contests over the ownership of pieces. The art litigation attorneys of Rome & Associates have extensive experience in successfully representing clients in initiating or responding to quiet title actions, and will pursue every available legal strategy to obtain title on your behalf. Whether you are a collector, gallery owner, museum, rightful heir to a previous owner, or other interested party or representative of said party, we will diligently pursue your interests in restoring title to the work of art.

Firm founder Eugene Rome studied art history at La Sorbonne, and he his fellow attorneys have an extensive knowledge of the art world, both from an aesthetic and business-side perspective, which they combine with their aggressive courtroom skills and litigation tactics to win justice on behalf of their clients. Our attorneys are renowned within the art world based on our numerous successes on behalf of our clients, including the recovery of a substantial portion of the sale price of an Andy Warhol diamond dust painting on behalf of the painting’s true owner. Regardless of whether you are pursuing a claim to title of a work of art in your possession or that of another’s, our attorneys have the skills and resources to represent your interests.

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