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Pursuing a positive resolution in a false advertising or defamation claim is often about winning victories in both the courtroom and the court of public opinion, and the attorneys at Rome & Associates have the skills and experience to take deft and swift legal action to make sure that your best arguments are set forth in a way that advances your interests in all aspects of your affairs. Our attorneys have represented powerful and high-profile individuals as well as business entities of all sizes across industries, and will work by your side at every step of the way to seek victory in either prosecuting or defending against claims of false advertising and defamation.

Whether you have suffered losses due to false advertising of a service or product or are facing a civil suit for false advertising under California’s wide ranging Unfair Competition Law (or a law of another state), significant financial consequences may be at stake as well as reputational consequences for you and your business. Similarly, defamation claims are high-stakes affairs for all involved with lasting professional and economic effects that can persist for years. Our experienced attorneys will work with you and your business to quickly address both litigation risks and potential avenues to financial recovery, and take all necessary steps on behalf of your business in reaching efficient, favorable outcomes in all false advertising and defamation actions.

Protecting Our Clients

The litigation attorneys at Rome & Associates will work with you to:

  • Promptly determine whether you have grounds for a defamation claim or false advertising claim and present you with all likely outcomes and strategies as well as claims against you
  • Diligently defend your interests in preliminary negotiations and communications with other parties to determine whether a suitable out-of-court resolution exists
  • Aggressively take action in asserting or defending against false advertising and defamation claims in state or federal court
  • Provide ongoing counsel to you and your company in ways to manage risk related to false advertising and defamation claims and potential actions against third parties

Our Results

  • Procured the dismissals of numerous cases involving speech under anti-SLAPP statutes
  • Prosecuted a number of online defamation claims, often involving fake identities and profiles. Our lawyers have the technical expertise required to identify the actual individuals responsible for the adverse content and possess the legal savvy to prosecute these claims through various defenses under statutory and constitutional principles

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