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At Rome & Associates, our attorneys take the same approach to detail, care, and excellence in representing individuals and entities both in the U.S. and around the world in all matters relating to art litigation and transactions that our clients do in conducting their work. In the fine art world, collectors, promoters, and gallery owners and operators all know that attention to detail, the utmost care, and the highest standard of excellence are key to success, and we provide this same commitment to excellence. Whether representing an individual collector in executing a sale or a gallery in a multimillion dollar high-stakes litigation, our attorneys have the requisite experience and knowledge of the art world to deliver the results you need.  

Firm founder Eugene Rome studied art history at La Sorbonne, and he has applied his extensive knowledge of both art and art law through numerous seven-figure litigations and transactions on behalf of collectors, promoters, and galleries involving rare and valuable works from the world’s most famous artists, including Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. Rome & Associates works with clients involved in title disputes and competing claims, disputes involving allegations of fraud/forgeries or questions of authenticity, disputes with insurers and other parties over coverage, issues involving joint ventures and financing, and all issues related to the execution of art transactions.

What We Can Do For You:

The art law attorneys at Rome & Associates will work with you to:

  • Immediately respond to threats of litigation with comprehensive analysis of merit and strategic methods to limit liability
  • Assess authenticity issues, ownership rights, financing issues, insurance coverage issues and any and all other facets of art-related matters
  • Litigate all art-related claims, including copyright issues, right of publicity issues, forgeries, coverage and title and ownership disputes
  • Provide counsel on all art litigation transactions and negotiate, draft, and execute art-related transactions on your behalf

Our Results

  • We secured an $2,400,000 judgment against a fraudulent art dealer in a forged artwork case involving two Marc Chagall paintings. The dispute arose when our client, Opera Gallery, purchased two $400,000 Chagall pieces that they later learned were fake.
  • Currently representing a collector whose work was improperly designated as “not authentic” by a prominent art foundation.  A judgment of $1.8 million was procured against the foundation for negligence and commercial disparagement
  • Our firm successfully recovered a substantial portion of the sale price of an Andy Warhol diamond dust painting on behalf of the painting’s owner. The action involved competing claimants to the proceeds from the auction of the painting.
  • We resolved a claim on behalf of a prominent art gallery against its insurance carrier, stemming from damage to a significant Pablo Picasso work. The coverage was initially denied, prompting the gallery to reach out to us. We were able to persuade the insurer to reconsider its position.

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Sophisticated legal counsel. Outstanding results.