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Merchants that find themselves on the dreaded MATCH list – a list of merchants compiled by Mastercard who have been deemed to be too high a risk for banks to open a merchant processing account – can feel as though they have very limited options for restoring their reputation and opportunities for merchant processing capability. There are steps that merchants can take to remove themselves from the MATCH list and rebuild their operations, and the payment processing dispute attorneys of Rome & Associates represent the interests of merchants in resolving all MATCH list issues, which can include ongoing counsel and guidance as well as aggressive advocacy and litigation tactics.

There are a number of different ways that a merchant can end up on the MATCH list – from having too many chargebacks to questions about fraud and money laundering – but the end result is often the same, with merchants facing years on the list (five years or more in most cases) and unable to obtain merchant process capabilities from most banks. But when you work with Rome & Associates, our attorneys will take immediate steps to assess your situation and explore all options for your removal, which can include negotiating with your bank as well as litigating relevant issues in court. Our attorneys have taken precedent-setting action against card brands in court, and we can go to the same lengths in your MATCH list dispute to achieve results in your favor and promote your ongoing business interests.

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