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In many art-related disputes, whether a party can win financial recovery – or a whether a party stands to lose enormous amounts of money – often comes down to whether an insurance company will follow through on payment for coverage related to the art work. The art litigation attorneys at Rome & Associates represent individuals and entities across the art world – including collectors, investors, galleries, auction houses, and museums – in seeking favorable outcomes in all insurance disputes. Our attorneys have significant knowledge of both the art world and the business of art and have a wealth of experience in resolving insurance disputes related to art transactions.

Common insurance disputes that can arise in art litigation and transactions include coverage relating to potential damage to the artwork itself, theft, claims as to a work’s authenticity, and title disputes. Insurers are often will go to enormous lengths to avoid paying claims related to art, but our attorneys will rely on their sophisticated understanding of the art world and their aggressive litigation skills to works towards a successful resolution through negotiation or in an arbitration or courtroom. Recently our attorneys resolved a claim on behalf of a prominent art gallery by compelling its insurance carrier to pay previously denied coverage stemming from damage to a significant Pablo Picasso work.

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