FTC Civil Investigative Demands (CID) Responses

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Receiving a Civil Investigative Demand (CID) from the FTC is a sure sign that your business is at least under preliminary investigation, but by working with the attorneys of Rome & Associates, you can ensure that proper steps are taken in a timely manner to comply with the demands of the CID while laying the groundwork for your defense in both the immediate and long-term. You have only a very limited amount of time within which to respond to a CID (typically a matter of only a few weeks), and our attorneys will step into action on a moment’s notice to take all necessary actions to further your interests, including limiting the scope of a CID and presenting all relevant defenses on your behalf.

Our attorneys have significant experience in successfully litigating on behalf of parties across industries in responding to FTC CIDs, and we will bring that experience to bear through early intervention in guiding and managing your company’s response to the CID. Based on our experience, we understand the practical aspects of the issuance of CIDs, what the FTC is actually looking for when issuing CIDs, what types of responses will be helpful to the FTC in your defense, and the viability of various defenses that may apply to your business. Because CIDs are time-sensitive, working with the attorneys of Rome & Associates from the outset can increase your chances of a favorable outcome.  

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