Fraud/Authenticity Disputes

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Our attorneys represent collectors, galleries, museums and other interested parties in both pursuing and defending against claims of fraud and disputes over authenticity. Such claims and disputes raise enormous financial and reputational stakes for all parties involved, and making an ill-advised move with regard to fraud or authenticity dispute can not only mean millions lost in assets but also counterclaims and reputational damage that can follow you for years. But by working with Rome & Associates, you will gain the benefit of highly experienced art litigation attorneys who will fully assess all of your options for recovery and aggressively pursue your interests, while at the same time protecting you from unwanted risks.

The attorneys of Rome & Associates have developed a growing reputation within the art world for being able to deliver positive results in all art-related disputes, based on our deep knowledge of both the art world as well as the strategies needed to achieve decisive victory. In recent years, we have achieved numerous victories in this area, including a $2.4 million judgment against an art dealer over two forged paintings that were fraudulently sold as works by Marc Chagall. In addition, our attorneys won a $1.8 million judgment against a prominent art foundation that had improperly assessed holdings of our client as being “not authentic.”

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