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Federal and California state law provide extensive regulation regarding false advertising, and businesses face great liabilities for potentially misleading statements made in advertising. At the same time, these businesses also have the capacity to pursue actions for financial damages and other remedies against parties who have injured them directly or indirectly via false advertising claims and techniques. The attorneys of Rome & Associates aggressively pursue favorable outcomes on behalf of business clients in both the offensive and defensive context by seeking damages against competitors and business partners for false advertising while limiting liability when such actions are brought against our clients.

When a competitor engages in false advertising tactics – which can include all forms of digital content  and transmission – our attorneys can work with your business to explore all options for protecting your product and market share by bringing a false advertising action for money damages and remedies including injunctions and disgorgement of profits. We also work with companies to take action against suppliers and service providers who have engaged in false advertising, and this is often done in conjunction with other contract and tort actions to increase recovery. Finally, we work with businesses to minimize risk and exposure related to claims brought by private clients as well as governmental authorities, including the FTC.

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