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In the flattening of the digital age, a business’ reputation in a crowded marketplace of competitors is often the difference between long-term success and a quick bankruptcy. Online resources have made it easy for competitors, malicious actors, and others to inflict serious injury on an entity’s business interests and competitive standing by making untrue, unsupported, or otherwise defamatory or disparaging statements about that company. But by engaging the experienced attorneys at Rome & Associates to take aggressive and decisive action against bad actors in the marketplace, your business can minimize the effects of disparaging and defamatory statements while recovering financial damages and deterring others from making defamatory statements against you.

If your business has experienced what you suspect is illegal business disparagement or defamation – whether on a user review site, from comments others made have in the press, or through any other forum, either digital or not – it is important to work with outside counsel from the outset to limit the damaging effect of the statements, take legal actions to remove the statements from search engines and sites, and obtain the monetary relief that is justly yours. Our attorneys have vast experience in navigating the complex world of Internet law, especially when multiple countries are involved, and will aggressively pursue all available litigation strategies on your behalf to protect your business’ reputation and ongoing interests.

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