Art Litigation and Transactions

Rome & Associates represents and advises galleries, promoters and collectors both in the U.S. and abroad in art law cases involving ownership, copyright and title issues, insurance disputes and claims of stolen works. Our attorneys have resolved matters related to works by some of the world’s most renowned artists, such as Picasso, Warhol and Chagall, obtaining significant judgments in favor of our clients.

Our background in business and intellectual property law gives us an advantage in high-stakes art law cases involving million-dollar masterpieces and large organizations. Art disputes can generate many legal questions regarding contracts, copyright and ownership, and we leverage our experience to help you determine your rights and options. We counsel all parties on the appropriate business strategies for protecting works in the future by drafting fair agreements at the onset of the working relationship. We assist you in navigating the complex realm of art copyright law in order to ensure that your artworks and investments are protected.

Our Results:

  • We secured an $2,400,000 judgment against a fraudulent art dealer in a forged artwork case involving two Marc Chagall paintings. The dispute arose when our client, Opera Gallery, purchased two $400,000 Chagall pieces that they later learned were fake.
  • Currently representing a collector whose work was improperly designated as “not authentic” by a prominent art foundation.  A judgment of $1.8 million was procured against the foundation for negligence and commercial disparagement
  • Our firm successfully recovered a substantial portion of the sale price of an Andy Warhol diamond dust painting on behalf of the painting’s owner. The action involved competing claimants to the proceeds from the auction of the painting.
  • We resolved a claim on behalf of a prominent art gallery against its insurance carrier, stemming from damage to a significant Pablo Picasso work. The coverage was initially denied, prompting the gallery to reach out to us. We were able to persuade the insurer to reconsider its position.